June 5 – Divisional Women’s Day (guest speaker Carolyn Arends)
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Mozambique 2021
Have you ever owned your own goat, chicken or pig? Have you grown your own vegetables? Did you know by helping others do this in Mozambique you will help overcome poverty and change lives?

Introducing COAL…
O– OVC (orphan & vulnerable children)
A– and
L– livestock banking project

Your giving will help transform the lives of vulnerable children in 3 Mozambique communities.  The COAL project provides much needed school supplies and education opportunities for impoverished children. COAL also gifts families with goats, pigs and poultry to breed as well as community garden supplies to grow and share with others. To equip and empower families, The Salvation Army will provide training sessions on livestock farming and technologies as well as communal gardening techniques. This means food security, poverty reduction, and families sustained for generations to come.  

Our Fundraising Target is $75,000

Art Expressions

Thursday mornings 9:30 – Noon

Drop-in art time for women!

A place to connect, be creative and enjoy community!

Currently on hold due to Covid restrictions.


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